Rapid techniques soundproof windows and insulation

The windows of low quality may create a problem of isolation and sound. You might hear noises outside constantly, like children playing or people talking. In addition, poorly insulated windows can lower the temperature of the home during the months of winter. The replacement of existing windows is a quick fix. But if you cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on new windows, consider the rapid methods that you can make yourself to soundproof and insulate your windows.


  1. Replaces existing curtains with a heavy curtain that absorbs sound, these curtains significantly reduce the amount of external sounds heard in the inside of the house. The thick curtains covering the windows also create a barrier to stop and prevent cold air from entering your home.
  2. Repairs the cracks along the edges of the window frame. Drafts and sounds can enter the home through cracks in the wall. Inspect the window frame and ensures that no cracks or cracks in the plaster. Opens a pipe sealant or caulking wall, Squeezes the tube slowly to apply the caulking on the inside edges of the window.
  3. Blocks cold air currents with a Snake, Place the fabric tube along the window sill to reduce cold flow and better insulate your home.
  4. Install a sealant. Measure the length of the top and sides of the window frame. Cut the right size sealer. Applying strips along the edges of the frame by pressing the adhesive strips on the window frame.
  5. Apply an insulating film. Measures the window surface and cut the insulation film of size. Linking the film to the window with double-sided tape, complete the installation by heating the film with a hair dryer