Ideas to improve the lighting in the dresser and the closets of your home

Lighting is fundamental, not only in the interior, as it generates atmosphere and climate, governs the environment and gives color. The light should never be conceived as a primary necessity, but secondary, even tertiary, true luxury is a lamp that is not used to see.  In our house there are two key environments in which the lighting has real protagonist, is the dresser and the cabinets. As for the toilet, if you replace conventional light bulbs with led lights, we can save up to 80% energy and gain in lighting.

If you look at the lighting of the cabinets , so that we can see the clothes well when opening the cabinet door, the light should be at least 90 cm away from the closet and it is best that they are recessed and that there is a bulb per body of closet. In no case should the lights be hanging as they disturb and create shadows.

With these two ideas we can improve our house without this entailing an excessive expense, we can even save energy and improve in quality of life.