How to choose a personal interior designer

When it comes to hiring an interior designer it is essential to have confidence in him/her, that person is going to transform a room, or even the whole house, and it is essential that you would like the results: do not want to waste your time or wasting your money. Following a personal recommendation is the ideal choice, but do not worry if that’s not possible, he still has options. You can find examples of previous work of designers online, today the vast majority of designers have websites or blogs in demonstrating their past projects. If you like the work he has done in the past a designer is more likely that your future work you will also enjoy.

Be sure to find the right designer does not mean giving up control completely. The project is still yours, and it is essential to have a clear idea of what you want, and be able to describe it unmistakably. Read magazines or interior design homes and if any image (of a color, style, furniture or fabric) inspires him, cut and store to show your future designer.

Set a budget and keep in mind an idea of how long they will last works. Some designers will charge by the hour, others for the entire duration of the project, and it is very important to know how much it will cost before you start the work. Usually overestimate the costs, and think about unforeseen costs, to soften the blow if an unexpected problem occurs.

Finally, a detailed firm before the works contract that will protect you and the designer. Then, when everything is fixed and will be a fantastic house that hard work was worth it, because it will have made his dream a reality.