Ideas to light the kitchen in your home

Generally, the kitchen is one of the rooms of the house that we need to remove more and therefore we focus our efforts on making it a comfortable and well-conditioned place. Spacious, clear surfaces to work, good storage capacity and spaces well used are usually the constants of the kitchen ideal for anyone. But for anyone with some culinary experience, lighting the kitchen becomes a priority that can make the difference between a comfortable workplace and one where it is difficult to prepare food.

Therefore, when designing your new kitchen or remodeling your home, it is important that you take into account the lighting in each work point to make it a practical stay that facilitates the task of cooking. Here are some keys to lighting the kitchen efficiently:

The headlight

It is the lighting that cannot be missing in any kitchen, as it provides the main ambience of light from the ceiling, but, as we shall see, it is not the only one possible. In this case we should look for the most appropriate points to place lamps, ceiling or spotlights that generously illuminate the kitchen in its entirety.

It is useless to have a beautiful ceiling lamp with dark screen that hardly illuminates. It is better to be practical and look for simplicity and functionality. The most appropriate solution is usually the recessed lights if possible, LED, to save on consumption. We can choose from a variety of shapes and compositions to achieve the degree of enlightenment that interests us in each part.

It is convenient to keep in mind that if we have a table to eat, it should be adequately illuminated with a direct and warm light coming from the ceiling. It should not be annoying or too intense to generate a sense of comfort.

Built-in lighting

Many modern kitchens include in their furniture a type of work lighting recessed in the lower of the upper cabinets that is very useful to work of more comfortable way in the hours of the day with less light. These lights solve the problems of visibility that we usually have in the worktops with the ceiling lighting: we cover with our own shadow the area where we are working and we are not able to see with comfort and precision what we are doing.

Typically, this type of specific lighting has an autonomous ignition system of the main light of the kitchen, allowing us to use it only when it is really necessary. We will find illumination of lane or in the form of independent or clustered foci. The ideal is to select the size and shape of the lighting system according to the needs of each space. Today we find these types of lights to illuminate the kitchen in specific points on any large surface, especially those dedicated to DIY and kitchen furniture. Again, it is advisable to opt for the LED for its low consumption and good performance.

Light the furniture

Today we also have lighting solutions for large storage cabinets. These allow us to find what we need at any time in comfort. We can even find options that automatically turn on when opening cabinets. Place points of light under the shelves to keep the interior of the kitchen cabinets illuminated.

Finally, do not forget that the light, in addition to illuminating and facilitating the work allows to give warmth and to play with different environments in each space. Play with different autonomous lighting in your kitchen to make it become something more than the place where you prepare the food.