Reforms to improve the safety of your home

When it has been decided to carry out the integral reform of a house sometimes we forget to take advantage of the occasion to improve the security of the same one. Today at Architect’s blog, we talk about reforms that can improve the safety of your home.

Security has become a major concern for homeowners. That is why, if you have decided to make a comprehensive reform of your home, attentive to these tips to improve the security of your home.

Armored doors and windows

Sometimes new constructions have built-in armored doors. If this is not the case for your home, consider installing these types of doors. These have a reinforcement of iron or steel and makes it practically impossible to open them. In the market you can find a wide variety of doors and models, depending on the decoration and the needs of your home. In addition, there are also doors made entirely in metal but coated with wood, which give a more natural finish aesthetically.

On the other hand, the armored windows have built-in safety locks that prevent them from being open from the outside.

Grids and other protection systems

This type of item was installed frequently a decade ago. However, its use has begun to decrease, being limited to low floors or houses. What many people do not know is that there are plenty of options in the market. With very aesthetic proposals according to the tastes and needs of the owners. As for example the folding bars, that we can open and close when we need it.

The grilles are an economic option to improve the safety of our home. It also works as a deterrent against possible robberies.

Safety for the little ones

In addition to robberies, there are other concerns in terms of security of our home. This is the case that concerns the smallest of the house. If you plan to make a comprehensive reform in your home, it is the ideal time to make improvements in security.

For example, insuring the door of the oven or microwave, a security barrier in the kitchen door, reducers for the bath or installation of non-slip surfaces.

There are also other useful tools to protect the little ones. This is the case with anchoring straps for furniture, retractable or protects plugs.

Making these changes during our comprehensive reform is fundamental to save costs and protect those we most want.