Putting a shower and a tub in a small bathroom

When it comes to choosing between a tub and shower, most people have a definite preference, but still would like to have both in your home. For many, space is a problem and has a bathroom with a tub dream extra-long and a spacious shower tub is not possible. With careful planning you can install a shower and a tub in even the smallest rooms of bathroom.


  1. Measure the space you have available in the bathroom with a tape measure and record the measurements on paper.
  2. Trace the dimensions on graph paper with a simple rule, using a square for every foot (30.48cm). Use a few sheets of graph paper to plot different designs for the shower and the bathroom taking into account existing accessories in the room. You may already have a tub in your room, so you only have to add the shower. Moreover, the bathroom could be empty, if so, you must decide where to locate all accessories.
  3. Decides Based on the measurements, if you have room to have a bath and separate shower. Draw on graph paper the existing pipe in the room to judge how this will affect the shape and location of the accessories. If you are installing a new tub, compare your measurements with standard size tubs. If space is limited, install a shower over the tub. Doing so will not take up additional space on the floor and only requires a shower curtain to keep the water out of the bath area.
  4. Choose a cubicle shower which is designed for limited, as one of curved space quadrant.

Tips & Warnings

  • A tub should have a minimum size to be comfortable to wear.
  • A curved shower cubicle quadrant occupies less space than the standard square.