Making concrete floors shine

Concrete floors have a very versatile surface that besides being very duaradera is also easy to polish. Not surprisingly, in most of the stores of major products have concrete floors. These can withstand the large amount of traffic and also are easy to clean and maintain. With a few tools and a little knowledge, you can make your concrete floors shine as if made ​​of linoleum.


  1. Fill all cracks with epoxy putty for concrete. These usually come in a kit to mix the epoxy with a hardener and sand. The amount of sand used depends on the width of the crack. Allow the putty to dry for the recommended amount of time before continuing with the rest of the floor.
  2. Sand the floor with rougher sandpaper first. Generally, it is good to hire someone to do this part of the process because professionals have machines that not only sanded the floor but also vacuum the concrete dust as you works. Polished concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular, so it’s easy to find contractors for this type of work.
  3. The number of the sandpaper, For example, if you started with sandpaper number 80, you go increasing the number until the 1500 for maximum brightness. This type of sand will leave the floor so bright it will be very difficult to be adhered dirt.
  4. Applying a sealant against stains to prevent floors absorb dirt and dust. These sealants are usually a formula with epoxy is applied with a roller or brush on the edges. The gases are quite toxic and should take care that the area is well ventilated, especially if it is a home or a workplace.
  5. To keep the floor, clean it with a common mild cleanser. Polished concrete floors are known to require little care and usually all you need to maintain its glossy finish is clean with a soft product. Sometimes people toting electric floors with a brilliant machine to keep them well, especially if it comes from an area with heavy traffic.