Leveling a concrete floor before laying tiles

A flat concrete is an excellent surface for tile, provided it is clean and level. It can be hard to tell at a glance whether a concrete floor is level; however, if you try to place tiles on a floor without level, you’ll see the problem areas immediately. Fortunately, with the help of a compound for leveling concrete, you can have your level and ready to place the tile floor in a few hours.


  1. Use a level, such as a long flat table, to verify leveling floor. Alternatively, you can use a rope if you have someone to help you hold the other end. Push the table on the floor while looking for low or high points. Check all that you are.
  2. Match all points that are very high with hammer and chisel. Manual polishing wills little high for points. Use a polisher with vacuum cleaner including if possible, since a large amount of dust is generated.
  3. Leveling low spots with leveling compound Pour the recommended amount of water in the bucket then pour the compound and mixture.
  4. Pour the compound in the lowlands and enjoy your above table level to match it.
  5. Lava compounds your tools immediately. When the compound has dried, rechecks to see if the floor was leveled and if you left some uneven point.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need to rise a large low and you’re worried that the compound reaches somewhere where it is not needed, cut a furring strip and adhere pass over the area creating a form containing compound.
  • Does not use cement to level the floor; it will not dry fast enough.