Making a decorative wall with faux stone finish

No need to be an experienced builder or an artist’s brush to create in your home a decorative imitation stone wall. All you need is a little imagination and some supplies that can get in the shop local home improvement. Some painting techniques are easy to master and really create the illusion that your wall is made ​​from real stone. A decorative wall is a quick and easy project that will give life to any room and also an opportunity for the whole family to participate.


  1. Choose a paint color for the base (basically, this is the color of the “slurry”). Usually light gray tone will work best if you want your walls look realistic. Choose a color glaze for what will be the “stones”. In this case, we recommend you choose a shade darker than the base tone. Once the project is completed, the dark varnish will provide a more dramatic look to your wall.
  2. Paint the entire wall with the base color using brush and roller. Apply two coats of paint and let dry for at least 12 hours.
  3. Use masking tape to outline the “stones” on the wall. You can choose to make all of uniform size or making changes also create different sizes. Taking into account the size of the wall you are painting the plan outlines. “Stones” big look better in a large, open space, while small “rocks” are better suited to a wall with a limited area.
  4. Apply the glaze to each “stone”, one by one, using the sponge “sea”. Then give soft blows to the area painted with a piece of cheesecloth to smooth texture and finish to mimic the effect of the stone. Repeat until complete the wall.
  5. Remove the painter’s tape. Add a little water to dilute the enamel and covers the entire wall, even on the lines of “slurry” which were covered with tape. This step is not necessary, but adds depth and makes your wall have a more realistic look.